About Us


The Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society (NACCS) was set up as a separate legal entity, separate from the former Northern Alberta Curling Association (NACA) with an objective to promote curling in Alberta.

The Season of Champion Events were a huge success and exceeded all expectations. The NACCS Board established the legacy fund originally to absolve NACA of any financial responsibility and for NACA curling clubs to make application to promote the sport. The legacy fund is managed by key individuals who were responsible for the success of the events and other board representatives/officials of NACA.


  • Ensure investment funds are managed professionally to ensure a positive return on the investment.
  • NACCS will maintain the management continuity and perpetuity of the fund, so goals are not lost through changing executives and governance.
  • NACCS will endeavor to approve funds are put to promotional use, recognition and/or revenue generation.


  1. To manage the society funds as per the investment policy statement.
  2. To review approve applications that meet curling promotion criteria.
  3. To raise funds to support curling when possible.
  4. To recognize Albertan’s who have made a significant contribution to curling as builder’s and administrators, at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, Governor Generals Curling Club and named scholarships.
  5. To donate money or property of the society to other non-profit organizations for the purpose of promoting curling.


The Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society’s goal is for “The Legacy Fund” to carry on its perpetuity. As a result, approximately $50,000 will be available every year for city and rural clubs to access.


President Terry Morris
Vice President Darwin Davidiuk
Directors Dan Low
Barry Worth
Sharon Hays
Treasurer Ken Duggan
Administration/Secretary Shannon Morris